Sherlock Adapted

Sherlock Off the Page

Since 1899, Sherlock Holmes has leapt off the page and made his way into theatres, films, televisions, radios and many other formats. The collection holds a wide representation of the many adaptations of the great sleuth.

The Guinness Book of Records notes that the human literary character who appears most often in television and film is none other than Sherlock Holmes. And so Conan Doyle’s creation lives on!

Poster with text and image of Sherlock Holmes

A poster for the farewell performance of William Gillette as Sherlock, the first actor to play the famous sleuth

Black and white image of man with pipe and wearing a deerstalker hat

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

Hand written letter

A postcard note from Peter Cushing, star of the BBC’s 1960s TV adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, to Richard Lancelyn Green