Richard Lancelyn Green’s Bequest

Richard Lancelyn Green (1953-2004) fell in love with the world of Sherlock Holmes at a young age. Throughout his life his passion grew into all things Doylean. He collected widely, not just things directly related to the author and his works but into related spheres. The Lancelyn Green Bequest is a one-of-a-kind collection from a passionate and well-loved individual.

The collection is extraordinary in its scope. From boxing gloves to waistcoats, through books and pamphlets all the way to photographs and art, the archive is a genuine treasure that causes Conan Doyle’s day-to-day existence and the fascinating era he lived through to jump to life.

Photograph of man holding a wine glass and a newspaper

Richard Lancelyn Green during the 1990s

Two photographs, one of a child in a top hat and cloak. One of a man sitting wearing a deerstalker hat and holding a magnifying glass.

Photographs showing young Lancelyn Green’s attic recreation of 221b Baker Street. His father, the writer Roger Lancelyn Green, poses in a deerstalker on the right

Cover of a book 'Letter to Sherlock Holmes: A selection of the most interesting and entertaining of the letters written to the world's most famous detective. Editied by Richard Lancelyn Green' With a photograph of a building

A collection of letters written to Sherlock Holmes from fans around the world, edited by Richard Lancelyn Green