Paget – the artistic touch

Although a few illustrators tried their hand at illustrating the great sleuth, none became more associated with the character than Sidney Paget, who illustrated Conan Doyle’s stories in the Strand Magazine until his death in 1908. Although we have no original Sherlock illustrations in the collection, we do have a number of other works by Paget.

These are of very high quality, and show the skill and imagination of an artist closely associated with Conan Doyle, who helped to x the pipe-smoking sleuth so firmly in the public’s imagination.

Man standing in a boat with steer and wearing a deerstalker hat

Sidney Paget punting, wearing a deerstalker

Pencil and chalk sketches of soldiers on a piece of brown paper

Sidney Paget sketches on a scrap of brown paper for a larger composition

Illustration of a woman sitting looking out of a window

A page from a travel journal of illustrator Henry Marriott Paget, Sidney’s brother. H. M. Paget illustrated Conan Doyle’s Micah Clarke