Creating the Reichenbach Falls

Whilst the bust posed challenges in the form of laser scanning and human anatomy, it was an altogether different prospect for the making of the Reichenbach Falls. With this model coming from a flat image, rather than any existing 3D object, it needed an altogether different approach (well, seeing as a trip to Switzerland was out of the question!). To this end, a technique called photogrammetry was used.

3D printing wasn’t the only forward-looking technology utilised in the build. Photogrammetry is a process where algorithms compare intensity values in a flat image to ascertain depth. From this, a 3D model can be created from a 2D image.

That said, photogrammetry isn’t a brand new technology. It has, in fact, been around in one form or another since the 1940s, but has really come into its own with modern technologies and processing capabilities.