Conan Doyle: The Family Man

Family Man

Arthur Conan Doyle was very much a family man, a devoted husband and doting father. The collection contains many pieces of correspondence from Conan Doyle to his children throughout their lives, and pages of photographs depicting daily life.

Conan Doyle was extremely fond of his younger brother Innes and “pet sister” Lottie, who acted as a confidant to the famous writer. And although his father’s struggle with alcohol and mental health caused great strain on his mother and siblings, Arthur remained steadfastly loyal.

Through marriage, Conan Doyle became related to Raffles writer, E. W. Hornung who at one time relied on his more famous brother-in-law for financial support.

Black and white photograph of a group of people

Arthur Conan Doyle’s extended family in 1894. Arthur is picture in the back row. Louisa is sitting second from the left. The gentleman to the left of Arthur is E W Hornung, the author of the A J Raffles stories